One Stop Facilities are currently able to off free cavity wall insulation, this fully funded measure is available for a limited period only so make sure to take advantage of it as soon as possible.

One Stop facilities have successfully helped hundreds of our customers in the north west make their properties more efficient. So if you have a property in Liverpool, Bolton, Manchester, Wigan, Widnes, Warrington, St Helens or anywhere else in the north west and are interested in making your property more efficient call us on 0800 611 6387 for a free no obligation assessment.

What benefits do you achieve with Cavity Wall Insulation:

  • Cost effective way of reducing energy bills
  • Savings of up to £300 per year*
  • Prolongs life of your boiler
  • Dramatic reduction in heat loss through walls of your home
  • More comfortable living environment


Insulation cost can vary depending on the property but, thanks to government funding schemes such as ECO, you could qualify for a home improvement grant to help you with the cost of insulating your home. For more information of funding for Cavity Wall Insulation, please call us today !

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a confidential, informal, no-obligation chat

We have certified specialists who can give you a free advisory service that may help you reduce your energy costs

Myths and rumours about cavity wall insulation

There are currently many myths and rumours circulating regarding problems caused by cavity wall insulation, a correctly carried out pre installation survey eradicates any possible problems.

  • Surely cavities are built into properties for reason?

From the early 1920’s most properties were built with cavities, there is a myth that this was introduced to stop water passing through the walls by creating a gap between the internal wall and external wall, this is not the case, it was actually introduced as this type of property was cheaper to build.

  • Cavity wall insulation can cause damp.

If a pre installation survey is filled out correctly Cavity Wall Insulation won’t cause damp. The surveyor will assure that the property is not in an area of high exposure where rainwater persistently comes into contact with the external brickwork. The surveyor will drill a small hole to check that there is no rubble breaching the cavity and will also check that there is no sign of damp already present at the property.

  • Will the exterior of my property be damaged?

You may have some concerns that the exterior of your property will be affected following the installation, especially if you have a rendered property, at One Stop Facilities we pride ourselves on ensuring our customers are completely happy with the completed work, we will return properties as close to the way they were before as we possibly can. Feel free to contact our office to request some examples of finished properties.

As of 1982 building regulations stipulates that all properties built with cavity wall insulation require insulating to be compliant, if cavity wall insulation caused a multitude of problems this would not be a requirement.

Cavity Wall Insulation after care

Your free cavity wall insulation will come with a free 25 year guarantee though The Green Deal guarantee company, an Ofgem approved guarantee provider.

Cavity Wall Insulation Application Form

Cavity Wall Insulation Application Form